Visiting Barcelona this autumn implies many surprises

Have you chosen to visit Barcelona this fall? Do you want to know what to do in Barcelona durint this period? At the Barcelona Century hotel we want you to enjoy our city at any time of the year, also in Autumn.

Officially, it is already autumn, although in Barcelona it seems that summer will lengthen. The streets, squares and avenues continue bathed by intense heat and the beaches are still visited by bathers and people wishing to be tanned.

One of the attractions of visiting Barcelona in Autumn is mainly the affordable prices. If for these dates you are looking for a budget hotel in the center of Barcelona, the Barcelona Century gives you the best price guaranteed. For this, you only have to book from our website. And if you also belong to our Club Barcelona Century Hotel, you can get up to 32% discount on your reservation.

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Now that you know how to get to stay in the center of Barcelona taking advantage of the best deals, we will explain one of the reasons why choosing to visit Barcelona in Autumn is, definitely, a good option.

After the Mercé festivities, Barcelona is still alive and eager to offer you the best leisure offer. Culture and leisure continue to be a priority for the city of Barcelona and this can be seen in its agenda.

Besides, now it’s our neighborhood time. Yes, next 28th of September until 7th of October , the “Eixample” is ready to offer fun time including the First gastronomic Route.

visitar Barcelona en Otoño, ruta gastronómica

The restaurants of our neighborhood have organized a contest in which you can participate tasting the best dishes and tapas.

A unique opportunity for you to know our gastronomy. We leave this link so you can see the restaurants integrated in the Route and how to participate it.

Regardless of whether you want to participate voting or not, this gastronomic route will make you enjoy for sure your days in Barcelona.

If you need further details, do not hesitate to ask our team.

See you at the Barcelona Century Hotel!