Tour through the markets of Barcelona.

Who says that it is not an essential route for tourists to go to the market? Many tourists see as a must to go to the markets when they visit a city and of course if you are in our city, for sure that it will be one recommendation.

The truth is that Barcelona can boast of having many central markets (and not so central) in which the daily life of the people of Barcelona mixes with the weekly shopping, a sensational architecture and with bars and restaurants that cook delicious meals.

Today we are going to take a tour of 3 of the municipal markets that the center of Barcelona has. We promise you that there are many more but if you visit any of these markets, you will be amazed.

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Sant Antoni Market. A walk through the characteristic modernism of Barcelona.

This newly renovated and beautiful market is located in the heart of the Sant Antoni neighborhood, about a few minutes walk from the Hotel Barcelona Century.

The architectural work was designed by Antoni Rivera i Trias and is one of the most emblematic of the city. The Mercat de Sant Antoni is considered, together with the Mercat del Born, an example of urban iron architecture of the nineteenth century, in full modernism.

mercados de Barcelona, Sant Antoni

We encourage you to visit its interior but if you take a walk around, what will leave you speechless are its colors and windows, an impressive expression of the modernist style of the time.

Santa Caterina market. The contemporary route of Barcelona.

From the Cathedral of Barcelona, in the distance, a wavy and colorful roof stands out. Here we have the Mercat de Santa Caterina.

This beautiful work was created by the architects Benedetta Tagliabue and Enric Miralles and was thought to be seen from the air. Even so, if you go through the neighborhood of Santa Caterina and reach the market, you will appreciate its colors and shapes.

mercados de Barcelona, Santa Caterina

In addition to the roof, the visit will reward you with the enjoyment of the colors of their traditional food and tasty delicious meals that you can taste in their restaurants.

Boquería Market. In Barcelona from 1.217

We have already mentioned this market on other occasions but we could not stop talking about the most famous market in Barcelona.
Located in the Ramblas of Barcelona, the Boquería a sign of joy, daily life and good feelings.

mercados de Barcelona, Boqueria

Going through its corridors will give you surprises in color, smell and taste.
Among its features, in addition to the metal roof that was opened in 1914, you can find small restaurants such as Pinotxo Bar and different types of cuisines as Japanese cuisine, Greek, Arab countries, … a pleasant representation of world cuisine.

Here you have the MercatsBcn website in case you want to see more information about these and other markets in the city.

Enjoy the Barcelona markets. We encourage you to come and spend a few days in Barcelona, you will love it!

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