Now that you have already found accommodation in Barcelona center, it is time to know about its delicious gastronomy.

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In the meantime, today we want to talk about the gastronomy that you can find in Barcelona, from the most typical to the most trendy.

It is known that everybody can fancy different types of foods, so let talk about different meals here, too. Luckily, in Barcelona we have a great gastronomic to offer and if you do not believe it, you’ll see!

vegan, alojamiento en Barcelona centro
To start, we want to let you know that if you are going to be this weekend in our city and you are interested in the vegan world (all those foods in which no animal are involved – actively or passively – in the creation of such foods) , Barcelona will be holding the most important Trade Fair in Europe.

After the great success of the last edition, the Veggie World Barcelona has moved to La Farga in L’Hospitalet. There you can go to see the latest news of vegan cuisine on the 27th and 28th of October.

bar-celoneta, vegan alomiento en Barcelona centro
If you are vegan, Barcelona continues to expand its offer in this type of cuisine.
Some restaurants where you will feel comfortable for their vegan cuisine are:

Otherwise, If you are more into discovering typical dishes, here some tradition Catalan food:

You already know the famous «Pa amb tomàquet» because at this point we believe that bread with tomato is very well accepted and it is quite easy to get it served in any food place.

Looking for acommodation in Barcelona, don’t you get hungry?

“Canelons” is one of the favourite dishes of Catalan Christmas menu, but you do not have to come in those dates to enjoy a good plate of cannelloni. Although it is a recipe of Italian origin, it is in Catalonia where it is most eaten.


Another typical Catalan dish that you can not miss is Botifarra amb seques (sausage meat with beans). It is one of the most loved dishes of Catalan cuisine and the truth is that although it seems simple, there are many recipes and cooking style.

Restaurant Petit Comité

If you are most likely to eat fish, you would love the Bacallà a la Llauna. It is cod cooked very tasty. You would love it.

And here it comes the desserts! We are very sweet too…

Restaurante Can Culleres, alojamiento en Barcelona centro
Catalan cream, coca de Sant Joan, Mel i Mató, carquinyolis, panellets, braç de gità, … the list does not finish at all.

We have only mentioned some of the dishes, but as you imagine we confirm that there are a big list, just in case you want to bear them in mind: fricandó, suquet de peix, coca de recapte, xatonada, trinxat, faves a la catalana … The truth is that Catalan cuisine is one of the richest, diverse and complete of all the mediterranean and as much as we talk about it the best thing is that you try it, you will love it!

Some of the most famous restaurants where you can find this type of typical Catalan dishes (and Barcelona) are:

By the way, if you prefer to eat a sandwich, stop by Can Conesa (in the Sant Jaume square, delicious!) and just let you know that «A bikini» in a bar is not a garment to go to the beach, it is a cheese and jam sandwich and a «pyjama» is a dessert composed of flan, ice cream and some preserved fruit.
What do you fancy?

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