Festa Major de Gràcia 2017

A very good excuse to come in August to Barcelona is Gracia Festivities. Festa Major de Gràcia (Fiesta Mayor de Gracia). It is celebrated in Gracia’s neighborhood, one of the most populars in the city. Besides, it is ideal for adults and children.
If you fancy to see a new amazing type of Festivity, we suggest you to look for accommodation in Barcelona as soon as possible. Then you are ready to join the local people and enjoy this special celebration!

festas de gràcia


If you do not know what expect exactly, here some further details:

Between the 14th of August and the 23rd, many streets of the Gracia neighborhood are adorned with recycled materials, with cheerful colors and with the most entertaining themes to celebrate among friends and family that their great week has already arrived.
In addition, this year promises to be very special since they celebrate the bicentennial of the Festivity.

Gracia’s festivities are one of the most awaited ones in Barcelona. In its program, there is a wide range of activities distributed throughout the week: competitions and workshops for adults and children, concerts, sports activities, neighborhood dinners in each adorned street, theater, exhibitions, popular gin, open free cinema and castellers.

Being in Gracia during those date is extremely fun. Just take a map with you and follow the adorned streets, be sure that you will be surprised with the creativity of the neighbors.

On top, decorate with grace has a prize;)

Perhaps the most representative activity of this festivity is the competition of decorations of streets and balconies that neighbors have organized and prepared during many weeks before. It is clear that the competition is a very favorable point when it comes to encouraging neighbors to get the first prize for their street or balcony, which means that during those days the neighborhood is an exceptional place to stroll and admire every corner.

Cartel de 2017 de la Placeta Sant Miquel i Rodalies

This year, the adorned spaces will add up to 21 streets, with up to thirty balconies and decorated doorways.
Don’t miss it!

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