The Barcelona Century Hotel gives you some TIPS for «becoming a good tourist» in summer in Barcelona

If you are coming in summer to our city, from the Barcelona Century Hotel we will give you some tips to make your stay in Barcelona as satisfying as possible.

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We are not going to deliberately withhold the information that Barcelona is a hot city in July. Nor are we going to tell you that you will find a calm city, it will be the opposite: Barcelona is crowded during the summer. However, it is worth it!

What to bring in your suitcase

Visiting Barcelona in the summer means that you can fill your suitcase with light garments, short sleeves or suspenders. The sandals will also be quite protagonists although we advise you not to forget very comfortable footwear because you are going to walk a lot.
Although the weather is quite hot at this time, it is not enough to add to your luggage a raincoat or basic jacket in case it rains. Do not worry about the umbrella, if it rains there are a lot of stores that you buy one for a very reasonable price.


Barcelona Century Summer’s Tips

We also advise you to leave a gap in your suitcase for all the souvenirs and purchases you can make. Barcelona is a city with many shops and emblematic details that you might want to take home and we do not want you to have problems when you check your suitcase.


If you come by car to our city, we advise you to park it and, unless you have to leave to a destination a little further from Barcelona. You can check prices and availability of our parking service. To move around the city and some destinations near-by , we strong recommend you to use public transport.

The best thing is that you get informed of all the types of tickets you have to get around the metropolitan area. In the meantime, you can use the most used and recommended to travel – the T-10, 10 trips for you and your companions to move you around the city and its metropolitan area-. Here you can learn about other the modalities.

Barcelona century transport advice


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